Service Schedule


Monday and Thursday mornings at 7:30 AM
Monday and Friday evenings at 6:00 PM

Civil Holidays - 8:00am


Shabbat Services

Morning Shabbat Service - 9:30am



The Minyan is an opportunity for us to fulfill the mitzvah of daily prayer. It also provides a traditional setting for the Mourner's Kaddish to be recited by those who are mourning a recent death or observing a yahrzeit. Minyan is an important service that CBI offers to the entire Flint Jewish community.


Shabbat Services

Our traditional Shabbat morning services are lay-lead. Skilled and knowledgeable congregants, male and female, conduct the services and perform other ritual duties. Services at CBI engage all members and visitors, and offer many opportunities to learn and participate. Children are welcome on our bemah and encouraged to lead prayers as well. Services are always followed by a light kiddush lunch, offering an opportunity for congregants and guests to visit and kibbutz. Newcomers and visitors are welcome.